Friday, October 15, 2010

Changing People.

Its funny how people change. People go from good to bad, from bad to good, and everything in between. But what causes this change? It is my belief that insecurity brings about changes in people. A girl is insecure about how she looks so she dresses and acts like she feels boys would want her to. A guy is insecure about his future so he creates an alter-ego to become the person he has always wanted to be and runs from the person he dispises and has always known himself to be. People need to start being ok with themselves and stop creating shallow monsters.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stratham Sleigh-Ride

I tightly gripped the wooden shovel handles, lodged in the snow to each side of me. I could feel the scratching of the ice through the turquoise plastic of my sled as I rocked myself back and forth atop the long, luminous luge. It was already my third trip down, although the anticipation welling in my stomach suggested it could have been the first.

It was a bitter cold day, but frequent trips running up the hill and the adrenaline of hurling yourself to certain death only to escape it at the last possible moment, would have warmed any six year old from head to toe. The only sign of cold was the frosty steam of our breath and the rosy pink of our noses. My father had crafted a luge run on the hill upon which my house was built. He smoothed a thin lane of snow from the four feet that had gathered on the ground the night before and packed snow along the sides. He then coated the entire surface with water which eventually froze, making the final product resemble a glistening icy bowling lane with the bumpers up.

In unison, three little girl voices shouted, "One, two......THREE!!!!"

I rocked back one final time and with all the determination I could muster, hurled myself down the icy track, leaving my undetermined fate at the mercy of the unforgiving, unpredictable ice highway. The scratching of ice on the bottom of my sled soon became a hissing vibration as I picked up speed. The wind burned my face and my eyes started to water. Unsuccessful attempts to slow the sled down and regain some control gave way to a thrilling sense of helplessness, terrifying yet liberating. I closed my wind burned eyelids and surrendered to the will of the luge.

I wrote this in an hour at 1:00AM so it's not my best. I thought about flip-flopping the first two paragraphs, but i got really tired. So you can read the the second paragraph first and that might make more sense. A;so I was upset because the blog site will only let you start a line from the far left margin, so I had to double space between my paragraphs instead of single space with indentation. Read it and critique it. Let me know how I can make it better!!